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Knee support built in knee pads and elow knee pads

Workwear Kneepads For Work Trousers
Eva knee pads for work kneelet for work pants  genouillere knee protection detachable removable knee pads kneepads with CE,Articulated design bends and moves with you for ease of mobility. -Built with tough high density superior EVA padding for added protection. -These flexible removable pads slips easily into the custom knee pockets for pants and overalls. 

  • Designed to Fit the Most WorkWear Multi Pocket Work Trousers.
  • 100% effective protection.
  • Against accidental damage.
  • Made from 100% Polyethylene.
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Design.
  • As  requirement. 


Test Item Unit Standard Test Result  


1 Surface density Kg/m3 ≥40 44
2 Tensile Strength MPa ≥0.45 0.47
3 Elongation at break % ≥200 220
4 Tear strength N/cm ≥6 7.6
5 Compression strength(50%) MPa ≥182 184
6 Compression set(50%) % ≤2.2 2.0
7 EVA hardness  


8 70°C L x W x T  


9 -25°CL x W x T  


10 Water absorption g/m3 ≤0.006 0.001
11 Thermal conductivity W/m.K ≤0.040 0.036
  1. Used when your work involves kneeling
  2. Strong, Hard Wearing and Flexible
  3. Designed to be worn with Trousers with Knee Pad Pockets
  4. Lightweight and Comfortable
  5. Made from pressure absorbing foam
  6. Standard size knee pad, suitable for the majority of knee pad trousers 

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Experienced technical team, to provide advices about the best
choice of  EVA knee pads 
and solution, to help you improve 
your current  recipe, cost and processes.
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Establish an accredited quality assurance system and state of 
the art production facility, to ensure 
product quality and safety; 
Also have QA protocols and traceabilitysystem,
to keep each batch 
of products traceable.

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exactlyto agreed schedule and 

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